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The Situation

This is what I can tell you at the moment. For your files:

-Their demands: the rebels are demanding the release of a reactionary militant we took into custody in AC 196. We did not find this individual to be a very serious threat (meaning not along the lines of Dekim Barton), but there was certainly enough on him to put him away for twenty-five years. Thanks to Captain Yuy's information, I think it's safe to say this is a relatively small group who just happened to get lucky. I don't recommend we wait until this is over to start questioning local government and pushing changes.

-Their weapons: with current firearms restrictions, it would be impossible for this group to acquire weapons with this kind of firepower. From what I've seen, they are Alliance issue and I'm concluding that this group may have been stock-piling since the wars in AC 195. Agent Chang, please gather all the regional information you can and send a team down here to sniff out any stockpiles.

-Local government and law enforcement: the bigwigs are fussing and fretting and taking every opportunity to be seen on the news broadcasts, but leaving the dirty work and tough decisions to us. Law enforcement is lax, unprepared, ill-trained, and helpless. Commander Merquise, if you think your recruits are ready to see a little field time, we could use the support.

-Our plan: Preventers is a relatively new organization and I don't think people are aware of our tactics yet which works to our advantage in this case. We don't deal with terrorists, we outsmart them. At the moment, we're stalling. Maxwell will be appointed as out "mediator" and keep them calm, giving our men on the inside time to work. I don't think we can risk any more infiltration, they may notice, so if Yuy and Barton fail, we will have to convince them to take agents in exchange for civilian hostages. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it doesn't get that far.

That is all for now, I await orders from the Brains of this outfit.
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