Lt. Commander Noin (lnoin_ip) wrote in interprev,
Lt. Commander Noin

Commander Zechs

You seem to have stepped out of your office. On a walk around base, perhaps? I don't know. I hope this finds you soon. I've left word with one of the junior officers to find you and tell you to check interprev. I didn't trust him with the message, for the sole reason that we don't need any undue alarm spread across base at present.

We have reports of another situation (the first was mentioned by L2 liason Duo Maxwell) occurring outside Greek Parliament. Riot in progress. Already it's too much for the locals to handle. I've been searching for a task force that can move in but they're all either outside the continent or focused on the hostage crisis.

For this reason HQ has authorised me to tell you that your squad needs to be mobilised NOW. Control over the riot situation will be given over entirely to you upon your arrival. A Preventers shuttle is ready and waiting for your men as we speak.

Be safe, Commander. I will be in Greece shortly myself.
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